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5th International Conference Buddhism & Australia
18-20 February, 2016
Perth, Western Australia


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The IC Buddhism & Australia is pleased to invite abstracts for panel sessions and individual papers for the 5th International Conference Buddhism & Australia .

This conference is a platform for scientists and Buddhists to present their recent and latest researches on Buddhism; to complete each other’s views and consider future directions of Buddhism in changing times.

The main themes this year are

  • Buddhist Cosmology
  • Transforming Buddhism
  • Online Buddhist studies

The organizers are also open to proposals for contributions on Buddhist history, philosophy, texts as well for proposals on any related theme.

What to Send

Proposals may be in Word or RTF formats with the following information:

  • author(s);
  • affiliation as you would like it to appear in programme
  • email address,
  • title of proposal,
  • body of proposal; no more than 250 words,
  • up to 10 keywords.
  • CV max 2 pages

Working language will be English.
The time for paper presentation is 30 min including questions and answer time.
Papers to be presented in the conference will be published on conference website.
Papers must not have previously been published and, if accepted, cannot be published though other media. Copyright owner for published papers will be Buddhism & Australia Inc.

Important Dates

Proposals should be submitted by October 20, 2015 to the following email: info@buddhismandaustralia.com (eg.estoniannyingma@gmail.com)

A full draft paper should be submitted by January 20, 2016

All Buddhists, scholars and members of the general public interested in Buddhism are invited to present their papers in this coming conference. Researchers across a broad range of disciplines are welcomed as well the submission of pre-formed panel proposals.

We acknowledge receipt and answer to all proposals submitted. Please use another email (estoniannyingma@gmail.com) if you have not received submission confirmation from us.

10 Years of Estonian Nyingma Conferences

The International Cconference Buddhism & Australia 2016 is the 10th annual academic Buddhism conference, organized by Vello Vaartnou and Estonian Nyingma and is an important milestone in progressing towards Buddhist studies.

Estonian Nyingma conferences firstly brought together scientists and Buddhists to complete each other’s views at the Buddhism &Nordland conferences in 2006 in Europe, and this tradition continues with Buddhism & Australia conferences.

Conference Registration

Payment of the conference fee of 540 AUD should be made by December 1, 2015

Registration fee will include -participation in all sessions for 3 days and lunches & coffee breaks during the conference.

  • Early Bird registration fee of 460 AUD is possible until November 1, 2015

To participate in the Buddhism & Australia 2016 please contact Marju Broder by the following email: info@buddhismandaustralia.com

Ms. Marju Broder,
Organizing Chair
Email: info@buddhismandaustralia.com
Mob: +61 0405549923

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Buddhism & Australia Association

Buddhism & Australia is a registered non-for-profit organisation, founded by Venerable Vello Vaartnou (Lama 万道). The organisation deals with variety of international Buddhism projects with main emphasis on academic and international collaboration.
澳大利亚佛教协会是一个注册的非以营利为目的的组织,由法师Vello Vaartnou(喇嘛万道)创办。该组织从事各类国际佛教项目,主要侧重于学术和国际方面的合作。

The Buddhism & Australia Association is known for hosting annual academic international conferences since 2006, with the coming conference to be held 18-20 February in Perth, in the prestigious University of Western Australia.

In the previous years, Buddhism & Australia has had many interesting speakers from China and the 2016 conference will have an even greater emphasis on China and Chinese speaking Buddhists.

It is the vision of the Lama 万道 to develop direct communication and collaboration between the English and Chinese background monastics and academics by providing a academic conference as a platform to interact and collaborate.
法师Vello Vaartnou(喇嘛万道)就是希望提供这样的一个学术交流会平台,以互动和合作开发的理念,来供说英文和说中文的这两种不同背景的僧侣和学者之间进行直接的沟通和协作。

Buddhism & Australia 2016 conference

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Main Topics
  • Transforming Buddhism ( the speaker is asked to describe their tradition (academic or monastic), it's history, main figures and facts, current activities and ideas about how their tradition could contribute to the development of Buddhism in the 21 st century and beyond.
  • Buddhist cosmology and it's various aspects
  • Online Buddhism- projects, web applications, database projects, etc.

Other topics are considered with approval of the board.

  • 改造佛教(演说者将被要求描述他们的背景(学院或寺院),它的历史,主要的数据和事实,当前关于如何通过他们的努力在21世纪及今后促进佛教的发展的活动和想法。
  • 佛教的宇宙观和它各个方面的理念
  • 在线的Buddhism项目,Web应用程序,数据库项目延伸等


For the Chinese speakers, interpreters are available.

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All abstracts should be submitted in English if possible. If abstracts are presented in Chinese, a translation of the work into English will have to be arranged before approval can be granted.

For more information please contact: info@buddhismandaustralia.com




Chinese Buddhism Encyclopedia Project

The Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia is a visionary project of Venerable Vello Vaartnou or Lama 万道.
中国佛教百科全书是法师Vello Vaartnou(喇嘛万道)的一个远见卓识的项目。

The project was officially launched in 2012 December and by today it has grown to become one of the largest English based websites about Buddhism in the world, with nearly 50000 unique edits.

The name- China Buddhism Encyclopedia was so chosen to symbolise the importance and potential of the collaboration between the Chinese and English speaking Buddhists.

The projects envisions to become the platform for the English and Chinese speaking Buddhists to collaborate, compare linguistic, terminological and practical differences of Buddhism in the two different languages and to further establish a gateway for the Chinese Buddhists to reach out to the world and share their knowledge.

The current Chinese version of the project is a sample and has not yet been professionally developed. The main emphasis has been on developing the English side of the website. The project is currently seeking collaboration with Chinese Buddhists who are interested to collaborate on this important and grandiose project.

For any inquires, please contact info@chinabuddhismencyclopedia.com
任何咨询,请联系 info@chinabuddhismencyclopedia.com

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The idea of "Buddhism & Australia" conferences is to unite the work of Australian and international academics, monastics and lay Buddhist and provide a platform for co-operation on different projects and aspects related to Buddhism.

In Asian countries we can speak of 2600 years of Buddhist history. In Australia Buddhism is like a seed, it is still young and growing rapidly, becoming more popular amongst Australians. A seed needs water and nutrients to grow. We can say that the Buddhist seed in Australia is in a very fertile earth. But much work and effort is needed for the seed grow into a mature tree.

Australia symbolizes the movement of 21th century globalization. Almost all nationalities and Buddhist traditions are represented in Australia, which creates a unique opportunity and time for Buddhism and Buddhist to develop new ideas and Dharma activates.

“Buddhism & Australia” conferences are organized with the best intentions to further develop Buddhism in Australia and to engage with Buddhist from overseas.


The author and main organizer of international conference "Buddhism & Australia" is Vello Vaartnou, the Head of Estonian Nyingma and IC Buddhism & Australia, who has been annually organizing international Buddhist conferences in Europe since 2007. The first conference “Buddhism & Nordland” was organized in Estonia, which was focused on the history of Buddhism in Northern Europe. The conference was a huge success, uniting scholars and Buddhists from the Nordic countries and attracting visitors from as far as Mongolia, India and China.

When Vello Vaartnou moved to Australia in 2010, he decided to continue the tradition of organizing annual meetings for academics and monastics to discuss and work on different Buddhist aspects and topics. The first Buddhism & Australia conference was held in February 2012.

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